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So you can imagine a person behind all these pictures, here are a few details about me:First I would say I am a girly girl, well as one of them I can't get enough of shoes, shopping and pretty decoration. Most women would say that they love chocolate, but I prefer hearty snacks. No question, I'm not averse chocolate and pastry is nothing to sneeze at. The only food I don't like that much are desserts that are served as main course. What I really don't like is the winter. In winter you can't wear pretty dresses, there's too less sunshine and no chance to relax on the terrace all evening. However photography is really where my heart is.Therefore I train as advertising photographer. Now I started a Blog in my spare time to show the world a part of my passion. It includes not only the food photography but also the traveling photography.And who isn't allowed to be forgotten, is my sweetheart. He is an outstanding recipe inventor and I love to cook delicious dishes with his help. I hope you share my passion for beautiful photos as well as good food and enjoy my Blog as much as I do.Let me know if you like the pictures and recipes. You've probably already discovered the usual contact details but you can also contact me by email. Greetings Martina

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